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Health Services Survey

"This is an exciting opportunity to identify sustainable funding to ensure that all community college students have access to affordable healthcare. I urge my community college colleagues to participate.”

--Keith Curry, Ed.D., President/CEO, Compton College


College Administrators: We Need Your Help!

As a critical component of this project, we are conducting the first national survey of community college health service offerings. Our goal is to obtain a comprehensive picture of the full range of health services offered at every community college in the country.

We need your support. Please visit this link to complete the health services survey. Prior to beginning the survey, participants will need to gather the following information;

  • Number of students who received a health service in the last year

  • Cost of each of the categories of health services provided

  • Number of FTE and contracted health service providers

  • Number of students known to be eligible for Medicaid (if available)

  • Percentage of students covered by a college-provided health insurance plan (if applicable)

  • Number of FTE and contractors conducting Medicaid Administrative Activities (if applicable)

With this information in hand, the survey should take 5-10 minutes.

Thank you in advance for your support!

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