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Strategy. Finance. Policy. Data. Research.

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Mile 2 Consulting is a leader in strategic planning for schools, school systems, and education-related organizations. Mile 2 has extensive experience developing strategic plans and strategic plan implementation systems at the state-, district-, and non-profit levels.  Mile 2’s Strategy services include stakeholder engagement sessions, data analysis, strategic plan development, and strategic plan implementation and monitoring tools and support.


Mile 2 Consulting provides an array of financial support services for educational organizations. Our education finance specialties include optimizing school-based Medicaid reimbursements, expenditure analysis, and weighted student funding models. 

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Consultants at Mile 2 have extensive expertise in education policy development and analysis. Policy consulting services include comparative research and analysis, policy development, and policy communications planning, and strategic policy advocacy support.


Mile 2 believes in the critical importance of a robust data infrastructure to inform decision-making. Mile 2 consultants have worked on a wide variety of data projects with educational organizations ranging from student assessments to organizational finance to human capital strategy. Data services include data infrastructure review and development, longitudinal data systems development, and customized data analysis.

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Mile 2 Consulting works with educational organizations to conduct academic and applied research on a wide array of education topics. Research services include developing a research agenda, quantitative policy analysis, and best practices in education.

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